Photo Gallery

Removing non-native brook trout from Kootenay National Park lakes, using non-poison techniques (in this case, gillnetting), a collaborative effort with Parks Canada. Pictured is MSc student Dylan Glaser in action (2018)

Mistassini Lake field crew, 2018: Ella Bowles, Zach Eisenhauer, Dave Hardie, Emmett Gunner, Norman Neeposh and Dylan Fraser

Releasing a large (115cm) northern pike in Mistassini Lake, Quebec, as part of research efforts with the Cree Nation of Mistissini to determine population genomic structuring in the lake (2018)

MSc student Zach Eisenhauer with another 100+cm northern pike from Mistassini Lake, Quebec, sampled as part of collaborative research efforts with the Cree Nation of Mistissini (2018)

Early morning snow in Yoho National Park, one of our field sites where we are researching non-native brook trout with Parks Canada (2018)

Manipulating densities of juvenile brook trout to test long-standing questions about the role of density-dependence in population regulation, Cape Race, Newfoundland (2018)

Cape Race, Newfoundland, field crew (2018): Matthew Yates, Jean-Michel Matte, Jessamine Trueman, Danielle Mac Rae, Emily Housego, Dylan Fraser

Extracting otolith bones from a brook trout to determine aging (2018). Can you ‘crack’ open a fish, find the otoliths and place them into a coin envelope in 40 seconds? MSc student Dylan Glaser can.

Does it get any more beautiful? One of our field sites in Yoho National Park (2018)

Researching the consequences of removing non-native brook trout from alpine aquatic ecosystems in Banff National Park. Pictured is MSc student Brent Brookes (Photo: Camden Moir) (2017)

Researching reintroduction potential of Atlantic salmon through active transplantation to tributaries above dams in Lake Champlain, USA. Pictured is MSc student Zach Eisenhauer (2017)

Setting fyke nets for conducting mark-recapture and genomic research of brook trout in Banff National Park, with Alex Bourassa and Camden Moir (2017)

One of many small, isolated streams terminating as waterfalls over cliffs in Cape Race, Newfoundland; we study small population evolution here.Thais Bernos (MSc) and Andrew Habrich (Bsc) pictured (2016)

Part of community-based conservation efforts with the Cree Nation of Mistissini to promote sustainable harvesting practices of walleye (2017)

PIT tagging brook trout for mark-recapture studies in Yoho National Park (2017)

Pre-Cambrian rock formations at Cape Race, Newfoundland (note the electrofishers in the background) (photo by Jackie Wood) (2015)

A typical view for field studies in the Fraser Lab: measuring boards, weigh scales, tags, electrofishers and plastic buckets for temporarily housing trout (2017)

Electrofishing in small streams of Cape Race, Newfoundland (2017)

Population monitoring of brook trout with the Cree Nation of Mistissini, northern Quebec (2016)