Our lab currently has twelve research personnel (3 Postdocs, 3 PhD, 3 MSc, 3 BSc) conducting research in five Canadian Provinces and two US states (see descriptions of student projects below):

Lab photo, Fall 2017 Pictured left to right: Miles Barette-Duckworth, Matthew Yates, Dylan Fraser, Nicole Hill, Brent Brookes, Elizabeth Lawrence, Ashlee Prevost, Richelle Smith, Jean-Michel Matte, Ella Bowles, Andrew Harbicht, Clea Montanari (missing: Dylan Glaser, Melia Lagace)

Dylan Fraser (Principal Investigator) I’m fascinated with the population diversity found within virtually any species: (i) how does such diversity arise? (ii) How does the evolution of population diversity affect species’ responses to environmental change? (iii) How best do we prioritize it for conservation? Will small populations adapt in the face of environmental change?

Dr. Hyung-Bae Jeon (Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow 2018-present) I study the genomic consequences of fisheries-induced evolution in Brook trout, to establish conservation strategies for endangered species as well as sustainable fisheries management (co-supervisor: Dr. Pedro Peres-Neto, Concordia U.).

Dr. Matthew Yates (Postdoctoral fellow 2018-present) I am investigating the potential for environmental DNA (eDNA) to be used to track changes in the abundance of harvested populations of wild fishes (co-supervisor: Dr. Alison Derry, UQAM) 


ella bowles (2)Dr. Ella Bowles (MITACS Elevate Postdoctoral fellow 2016-present) Together with the Cree Nation of Mistissini, I am using conservation genomics, life-history and Traditional Ecological Knowledge to manage walleye, northern pike, brook trout and lake trout populations in Mistassini Lake, Quebec’s largest lake.


Melia Lagace (PhD 2018-present) The community and ecosystem effects of fisheries-induced evolution (co-supervisor: Dr. Alison Derry, UQAM)



0b6441cJean-Michel Matte (PhD 2015-present) The  underlying mechanisms regulating abundance of  brook trout populations (co-supervisor: Dr. James Grant, Concordia U.)




Elizabeth LawrenceElizabeth Lawrence (PhD 2014-present)  (Concordia Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Scholar) I am assessing spatial relationships between vertebrate species richness, population diversity and genetic diversity across the Americas, and its relevance for biodiversity conservation, by constructing a database of population level measures of genetic diversity.


Zachery Eisenhauer (MSc 2018-present) Restoration potential of Atlantic salmon in Lake Champlain (co-supervisor: Dr. James Grant, Concordia U.)



Dylan Glaser (MSc 2017-present) Effects of fisheries-induced evolution on population-productivity relationships (co-supervisor: Dr. John Post, U. of Calgary)




Brent Brookes (MSc 2017- present)  Evolutionary histories of introduced brook trout populations using genomics (co-supervisor: Dr. Alison Derry, UQAM)



Gabrielle Nessel (BSc thesis 2018-present) Community functional diversity vs. intraspecific genetic diversity in Canadian vertebrates





Gillian Muir (BSc thesis 2018-present) The spatial distribution of Designable Units in Canadian vertebrate species.

Ramela Koumrouyan (2018 CUSRA student and undergraduate assistant)




Postdoctoral Fellows

Paul Debes, 2014-2015 (now Postdoc, University of Helsinki)


Matthew Yates, PhD 2018, NSERC Postgraduate Scholar (now Postdoc, UQAM)                    Andrew Harbicht, PhD 2017, Concordia Graduate Scholar (now Postdoc, Karlstad U.)
Jacquelyn Wood, PhD 2014, NSERC Postgraduate Scholar (now OMNRF scientist)       Paul Debes, PhD 2013 (now Postdoc, University of Helsinki)


Nicole Hill, MSc 2018  (now Research Assistant, Calgary Zoo)                                                      Ashlee Prevost, MSc 2018 (now Research Assistant, Concordia U.)                                      Thais Bernos, MSc 2016 (now PhD student, U. of Toronto)                                                      Zachery Wells, MSc 2016 (now Biologist, Environmental Consulting firm)                                Carol Zastavniouk, MSc 2016 (now Biologist, Golder & Associates)                                            Eric Brunsdon, MSc 2015 (now Biologist, Atlantic Salmon Federation)                     Shahinur Islam, MSc 2015, E. Darwin scholar (now PhD student, Memorial U.)                     Kia Marin, MSc 2015 (now Biologist, Golder & Associates)                                                   Corey Clarke, MSc 2014, NSERC Canada Scholar (now Lead Biologist, Parks Canada) Queenie Gray, MSc 2013 (now Biologist, Parks Canada)                                                   Andrew Harbicht, MSc 2012 (now Postdoc, Karlstad U.)                                                        Aimee Lee Houde, MSc 2010, NSERC Canada Scholar (now NSERC postdoc, UBC) Sebastian Belmar-Lucero, MSc 2010


Danielle MacRae, BSc 2018                                                                                                                  Clea Montanari, BSc 2018                                                                                                        Richelle Smith, BSc 2018                                                                                                                 Andrew Habrich, BSc 2016, NSERC USRA (now MSc student, U. Winnipeg)                          Katherine Levasseur, BSc 2016                                                                                                       Lisa Walker, BSc 2015 (now MSc student, McGill U.)                                                           Jessica Mantha, BSc 2015                                                                                                             Megan Heath, BSc 2014 (now MSc student, U. Windsor)                                                     Alana di Vito, BSc 2014 (now MSc student, Concordia U.)                                                   Thais Bernos, BSc 2013 (now PhD student, U. of Toronto)                                                            Tom Burdon, BSc 2013                                                                                                                   Defne Tezel, BSc 2012                                                                                                           Alexandre Meli, BSc 2012, NSERC USRA (now PhD student, McGill U.)                             Mikayla Wujec, BSc 2012                                                                                                        Matthew Yates, BSc 2011, NSERC USRA (now PhD student, Concordia U.)              Sherylyne Scott, BSc 2011                                                                                                          Matthew Morris, BSc 2009, NSERC USRA (now Assistant Professor, Ambrose U.) Anthony Heggelin, B.E.S. 2008 (now Biologist, Nova Scotia)                                            Aimee Lee Houde, BSc 2007, NSERC USRA (now NSERC Postdoc, UBC)

Research Associates

Alexandre Bourassa (2017, joint Concordia-UQAM)                                                                      Thais Bernos (2016-2018)                                                                                                                Kia Marin (2015-2017)                                                                                                                            Robert Carson (2012-2014)

Field Assistants/visiting scholars

Natalie Dupont, summer field assistant and FQRNT CEGEP scholar (2018)                            Miles Barrette-Duckworth, fall field assistant (2017)
Tyler Brooks, summer field assistant (2017)                                                                            Calley Wasser, summer field assistant (2017)                                                                     Camden Moirs, summer field assistant (2017)                                                                  Gabrielle Nessel, summer field assistant (2017)                                                                      Anne-Marie Beland, fall field assistant (2016)                                                                            Rachel Lampron, summer field assistant (2016)                                                                          Dr. Deliang Li, visiting professor (2016)                                                                                    Andrew Habrich, summer field assistant (2016)                                                                    Javiera Bonavente, visiting MSc student (2015)                                                                    LauraMcDonnell, lab research assistant (2015)                                                                            Lisa Walker, lab research assistant (2015)                                                                                Alana diVito, summer/fall field assistant (2014)                                                                    Megan Heath, summer/fall field assistant (2014)                                                                    Ryan Beach, summer field assistant (2013)                                                                              Thais Bernos, summer field assistant (2013)                                                                              Christine Gaudreau, fall field assistant (2012)                                                                        Alexandre Meli, lab research assistant (2012)                                                                              Pablo Munoz, visiting MSc scholar (2012)                                                                                Destin Joyal, lab research assistant (2012)                                                                            Mikayla Wujec, summer research assistant (2011)                                                                  Morgane Bonamy, field assistant (2011)                                                                                  Cyndy Desjardins, fall field assistant (2011)                                                                              Emily Fobert, fall field assistant (2011)