Opportunities – join our lab

We will be recruiting two 2 PhD students and 1 MSc for either the spring or fall of 2019. Interested candidates for these positions should have either a strong interest and background in quantitative syntheses, evolutionary biology or conservation genomics.

Dear prospective student: thanks for your interest in our research and in joining our team!

Providing effective mentoring to graduate students is a critical component of my research program. I want to help students discover their research and career interests so that they can mature into strong independent scientists and conservation leaders, and obtain the necessary skills to be competitive for jobs in academia, government, non-governmental organizations and environmental consulting firms (e.g. outstanding critical-thinking, quantitative, time management, oral and written skills, and resourcefulness). To do so, I invest a substantial amount of time and energy to help students develop research projects, plan experiments and statistical analyses, write and revise manuscripts, present conference or outreach presentations/posters, and develop their own mentoring skills. I work very hard to provide my lab members with a supportive research environment and the resources and opportunities for them to succeed.

Graduate school is a fun and highly rewarding experience that involves a lot of hard work. I expect my students to be fully committed to their research, to be curious, motivated and hard-working, to ‘keep on trucking’ when the tough times invariably occur, and to take ownership of their thesis and opportunities provided to them. I also expect my students to contribute to the development of a productive, supportive, and collaborative research group at Concordia University. Concordia is a great, integrative, ‘certified fresh’ university, Montreal is an amazing culturally-diverse city, and there are plenty of fantastic things to see and do in and outside of town!

I encourage prospective students with strong backgrounds to apply to our lab by sending the following information via email to me: (i) a CV; (ii) a cover letter with a statement of research interests and relevant background experience; and (iii) a copy of unofficial transcripts (not required if inquiring about post-docs).

Although having a scholarship is not a pre-requisite for joining our lab*, students joining my lab are expected to apply to and be competitive for scholarships from NSERC, FQRNT or other external funding sources. Students applying with a minimum GPA of 3.7/4.3 (or 3.5/4) will also be eligible for internal Concordia scholarships. Applications for NSERCĀ graduate scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships are usually due in the early fall, for start dates in the following May, September or January.

*For international students, having some form of external funding is required to help offset the high tuition fees for such students

Undergraduate thesis projects (BIOL490) – Our lab aims to provide highly motivated undergraduate students at Concordia University with regular opportunities to undertake BIOL490 thesis projects each academic year. Projects vary in subject and scope, and typically undergraduate students will be working under the guidance of a mentor graduate student within the lab along with Dr. Fraser. Students should have a minimum overall GPA of 3.5-3.6 to apply. Please contact Dr. Fraser by email if you have any questions and are interested in joining the lab.